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Elegance is balance between proportions, emotions and surprise.

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Elegance, harmony between
 classical and originality.


The desire to restart and give renewed strength to a style of refined elegance, connected with the image of extraordinary men of the past and with great personalities, results in the creation of printed and patterned shirts.

In the Seventies a breath of fresh air with regards to novelties in art and the freedom of individual behaviour, led people to dress in a much less traditional and conformed manner, each reflecting moods, ways of seeing life and thoughts, with greater imagination.

Important stars such as Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster and many more took on this new life style in terms of appearance. Other celebrities, gifted in their own way and always in the world of art, such as my uncle Luchino Visconti, had a very modern dress sense with truly unique and extremely personal combinations, a mix between classical and new.
This is how the designs of the Luchino Camicie’s brand were born, not imitated by the ones available in that era, but inspired and very similar in terms of style, refined elegance and imagination.

By considering that on every possible occasion an attempt was made to remember the figure, the work, the exclusive intelligence expressed in extremely different ways, this is how the Luchino Camicie brand is classified, the name that I bear, baptized by that great uncle and also his assistant to direction.

Luchino forever!
This is how the extraordinary way of dressing in terms of combinations was picked up, always very elegant and never risky, providing a modern touch and adaptation to such a different era.

Also a personal requirement of mine, never able to find a shirt with interesting, elegant and personal patterns that I could wear under a classical jacket or a blazer, or a dark suit, worn instead of a tie, currently less common in everyday dress code, lies at the basis of this new experience.

In the same way, Luchino Camicie at the starting line. A huge variety of patterns and colours in which we can all find our own personal style and confirm the acceptability of variations on this subject according to moods.


When imagination is
 synonymous of elegance.

This is a new brand with the objective of a much more personal and original touch to male elegance, stimulating individual imagination.
There are several patterns, coloured and event slightly eccentric with the objective of providing today’s man with the possibility of moving away from a rather commonplace and grey stereotype, too common and serious, to use the creativity of combinations and the new possibility of adjusting to the mood of each individual and to each day.

With roots in the solid tradition of Italian elegance, in all of its shapes and patterns, but with a huge and creative touch of something new.

Thanks to Giovanni Gastel for the photos that accompany us.


Reflecting moods, ways of seeing life and thoughts, with greater imagination.

Style, fashion, culture and history intersect in a continuous collection: a huge variety of patterns and colours, in which all of us can find our own personal style and experience the pleasantness of the variationson the theme, depending on the mood.

Great research on fabrics, that are 100% natural and treated for making worn shirts becoming a second skin; they are totally produced and crafted exclusively in Italy.

Chosen middleweight canvas allow each pattern, variation and colour toexpress itself in its type of fabric: Cotton, Silk and Jersey.



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